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Why 'Ojos Negros'?
My work is informed by extensive travel around the world and reflections on the Old and New (American) Worlds. My work is a coin with two sides: an exploration of the life that weaves through our manufactured urban environments, and of the small traces of our passing in the wilderness. Both will fade with time, buried and rebuilt upon: by nature, and if we are wise, by our descendents.

Much of my work is concerned with the subtle, or not so subtle, fingerprints of man on our environment. More specifically, it is about the world we manufacture for ourselves and the constant give and take and compromises we make with each other and nature to extract a living and resources from the world that must sustain us. I want the viewer to reflect on the larger forces at work and what these things say about us as people.

I took the image in the lower right hand corner of the web page in Baja and it inspired the name Ojos Negros ('black eyes'). I like the contrast of the mechanical 'black eye' of the camera's shutter with the soulful pull of a deep, dark eye and its humanity. Photographs have the power to transfix like a stare, connect with the viewer, pull them in like, and hopefully leave them with a fresh insight, so 'ojos negros' fits.